Age, Sex and You is the first sexual health and well-being website in the UK dedicated solely to adults aged 50 and older.

It is one of the outputs of a programme of work at the University of Sheffield that supports and promotes the sexual rights of people from midlife and beyond, and helps to build inclusive health and social care services.

Age, Sex and You was created to meet a need. And that was the lack of easy to find, reliable information on the sexual changes that can come with age that people told us about in our research projects. The website provides general information, all in one place, for individuals and professionals.

Age, Sex and You helps us to have an open and honest conversation about sex. Further details on the background to Age, Sex and You can be found in Bricks Magazine and The Guardian

Let us know if you have found this website useful or have suggestions to add. Email Professor Sharron Hinchliff 

Email: s.hinchliff@sheffield.ac.uk